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No one likes someone else mucking around in their culture and spiritual beliefs. We don’t and neither do “they.” There are a lot of people living on this planet who don’t like our “interventions”—well intended or not, military or economic or spiritual. And it’s not only those at the brunt of our...
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  There are many reasons why one person kills another: jealousy, anger, accident, other. We understand these motivations without condoning the actions and we know, in most cases, it’s done with a gun. But we don’t understand mass killings, as in Columbine, Virginia Tech, Tucson, Aurora,...
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In writing this as a reply to the replies to Maureen Dowd’s Op-ed in the “Times,” I was unaware of the “Times” clock ticking off the only few minutes left for posting and lost my opportunity for fame. Oh well, there are readers here as well and likely more reflective. Her message seem to be,...
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Let’s see, where was I ? I remember … it’s April 15 and one thing marks well the day - I finished our 2009 tax return and mailed it - what a colossal waste of time. Every year I get these official looking prompts, presented in headlines and bold letters suggesting I am behind with my filing, and...
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The Helen Thomas diatribe, the recent high-pitched excoriation by columnists, is an example of self aggrandizement at the expense of others. In a few careless remarks, Ms Thomas - certainly calloused to the flim-flam of politicians and secular zealots - made off-handed remarks that probably spoke a...
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