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Vanessa Del Rio, the Pope, the Glorious World Cup & Falling in Love with a Monkey

Vanessa Del Rio Goddesses, Sinners and Saviors April 1 Thursday Night Happy Ending Lounge. 

When Audacia and I put together our Dream List of people we wanted to perform at Sex Worker Literati, Vanessa Del Rio was at the top of my list.  She entered my life when I was drowning, barely able to breathe and heavily self medicated.  There were precious few things I could count on in my life.  Vanessa Del Rio was one of them.  No matter how bad the shit got I knew I could always get a shot of salsa drenched sunshine from VDR.  And now I'm actually going to get to meet her in the flesh.  She will be showing pictures, she will be telling crazy stories, and she will be wearing dangerous shoes.  But wait, that's just a small part of the cavalcade of entertainment.  Steven Elliot, Rumpus editor and Bay Area literary legend, with whom I shared a bed (along with Violet Blue and Rachel Kramer Bussel among others) at Litquake in San Francisco last October, will be rocking the house.  His memoir The Adderall Diaries has gotten enormous acclaim from coast-to-coast, and he gives great reading.  Plus the extraordinary talent of Raven Koch.  And if that's not enough, there's also author, (Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the 21st century) sex coach, motivational maven and living legend Barbara Carrellas.  Get there early it's gonna be mad packed.  302 Broome St. at 7:30 PM


15% of all proceeds go to Women’s Empowerment Project