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September Newsletter: Sex Worker Literati @ Bowery Poetry Club, Litcrawl, & Book Doctors
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 Saudade.  That's Brazilian for being happy and sad at the same time.  I always feel that way as summer dies and Old Man Winter gets ready to blow cold all up in me.  And this year's no exception.  I'm sad that another summer has come and gone.  It has become increasingly obvious that I'm never going to get to play shortstop for the New York Yankees, and that makes me sad.  I didn't get to swim nearly enough in the ocean this summer, and that makes me very sad.  But on the happy side, I got to hang out with Olive in Paris which was magnifique. http://www.davidhenrysterry.com/olive-in-paris/.  I got to spend a week working in Amsterdam.  I got to watch a ton and a half of the World Cup soccer and talk on NPR about it.  And I have much to look forward to as Indian Summer peeks around the corner.  First and foremost, Olive turns three on September 13.  I asked her what she wanted for her birthday.  "Cake!" she said.


Sex Worker Literati Sept. 15, 8pm: 1 year anniversary blowout show at our new location: Bowery Poetry Club.  (to whet your appetite, a Sex Worker Literati performance featuring Albert Camus, 2 Rabid Lesbians, and a 17-year-old Manchild Ho http://bit.ly/akSZrj)


I'm very excited about our lineup.  Anne Hanavan, ex-dancer/streetwalker and amazing filmmaker.  Essence Revealed is an extraordinary actress, dancer, and all-around raving beauty.  Hawk Kincaid is one of the truly great performance artists you'll ever see, as well as being a former rent boy and international man of mystery.  Rev. Jen is a wildly talented writer and performer, and certainly the sexiest elf working in America today.  And of course the Zoe Hansen, ex-madam to the stars, will be joining me in hosting this cavalcade of hos, hookers, call girls & rent boys.  There has been a rumor that the esteemed Alex Kinney, Doctor of Pornology, will be reading an absolutely filthy WH Auden poem.  This rumor is in fact true.  Plus, Babes in Toyland has agreed to donate a couple of goodies. www.babeland.com


Info about event: http://bit.ly/bQ317b


Facebook: http://bit.ly/bV1QLm


I'm doing a lot of stuff with the amazing Litquake people.  Saturday night at Happy Ending I’ll be doing the New York Litcrawl. http://bit.ly/bRbKGI


Then we'll be doing Pitchapalooza on September 28 in San Francisco.  And I'll be reading on sports night October 8 with my boy Alan Black, and a fabulous cavalcade of Bay Area writers.  http://bit.ly/cbvwdT On September 26 we’ll be doing Pitchapalooza in Denver with the Mountains and Plains Independent Booksellers Association.  http://bit.ly/9sXtz9


I’ve never been to Little Falls, NJ, but I'm very much looking forward to being there on September 18 to talk about, what else, books and writing and publishing.  http://bit.ly/99KO3q


The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published is officially done.  It was so cool to talk to all the amazing publishing people we interviewed, I feel like I got a Masters Degree in Social Media and New Publishing. Our book doesn't come out until November 4, but we are already deep into pre-publicity.  We’ll be doing events in Los Angeles, New York City, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Dayton, Pittsburgh, and at the Miami Book Festival, one of our all-time favorites.  Plus many many more.  Stay tuned for details.  And we started a new company called The Book Doctors, a kind of one-stop shopping to help writers of all shapes, sizes and experience get well published.  We will have website up very soon, but in the meanwhile, we're up on Twitter and Facebook.  http://www.facebook.com/TheBookDoctors



So I guess, as I write all this down, I realized that I'm actually a lot more happy than sad.  Which of course is one of the reasons I write all this stuff down.  Hope all is well with you and yours.  Xox David


To pre-order The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published: http://amzn.to/d8bVtM