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Edging Past Reality

Well how exciting is this?  I’ve got another reading engagement set up for April 7th at Common Good Books. Please stop by and say hello.  And if that’s not enough, I was asked to speak at Rochester’s First Annual Writers’ Festival on April 18th.  It’s an all day affair and I’ll be speaking from 3:00 - 3:45.  My topic - Dealing with rejection letters. The good news is - I’m very familiar with that topic.  The bad news is - I’m very familiar with that topic.  I have a file folder that I’m quite pleased with full (well, kinda full, sorta) of acceptance letters. I have three overstuffed files (and enough on my computer to almost fill a hard drive) of rejection letters. (hmmm, maybe that’s why my old computer crashed.)  Once again I’m treading into new territory.  With the support of my friends (”We’ll teach you the sink or swim method on how to deal with hecklers”) I’m guessing that by May I’ll be curled up in the fetal position under my desk.

On the serious side for a moment, marketing is amazing.  I’m constantly learning new stuff and actually putting it into practice.  Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of all this marketing is the writing itself.  I haven’t done much of it in the last couple of months.  I have a paved road of good intentions, but it seems like whenever I start getting back to the novel, I’ll come up with more ideas and more research that I want to know about on how to market.  (The internet is a miracle and a curse in that regard.)  It’s easy to say that I’ll deal with it later, but the mind is already racing and I can’t concentrate on plot. Soon my characters are on the computer reading bloggers. Fun for them, not so much for the reader.  So for all of you writers out there who have been in this predicament, please let me know how you deal.

Before I get back to my writing (yup - I’m going to give it another try today) I want to thank Whistling Shade, and specifically Deanna Reiter, for reviewing “Edging Past Reality.” You all are wonderful!

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Oh David, I'm way too familar with rejection letters...

Post the text of your talk when it's done. I'm sure we can all read it and say: "Oh, yeah. Been there, done that."