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This is a big day for my girlfriend and partner, Lisa Conte, and for her family, friends, and colleagues. A drug that her company, Napo Pharmaceuticals, has been developing for almost 20 years has succeeded spectacularly in phase III trials, which means that it's very likely to be approved by the...
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My next book is almost out - check it out at http://www.experimentalman.com. Thanks to everyone who helped!!! Also, come to the launch parties: March 16: New York, 6-8 pm, Mug Lounge, 446 East 13th Street (at Avenue A), New York, NY, www.mugnyc.com March 19: San Francisco, 6-8 pm, Bubble Lounge,...
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Come one, come all to the Commonwealth Club tonight for a panel about writer's joining together to create networks to conquer the world! Well, maybe not the entire planet... In the flyer promoting tonight's panel, Maya Angelou is quoted as saying: "There is no greater agony than bearing an...
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