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On Break

I’m on break from writing and I found out one thing….. I miss it.

I’m doing a little fishing while the weather is still nice. So far, no fish but this is Ohio.

I’ve also been working on a video and will post it when I get that project done. Don’t expect much because I am just learning how to do it and the video will be very simple.

I did finish the special edition cover for my first book, Dreamwalker: Native Guide. The original cover is still sold in store and the new cover will be for my book signings and I will offer it on my web site before long. I will let you know when I've updated www.davidcdillon.us and added the new cover.

Once it gets too cold to fish I will be starting my winter exercise program and doing some work like making some shelves and painting the inside of my tin can castle. So, as you can see, I have big plans for this coming fall and winter.

What plans does everyone else have going on? And, yes, I am interested in what you are doing.