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Cheap and Easy Recipes: Gourmet Sauces

A portion of this blog that I am always looking to develop relates to cheap and easy recipes.  If you have kids, you will realize the obvious value of a cheap recipe; however, you will love the value of a fast and easy recipe!

Well, I have got something for you that should really help out.

First, I love cooking.  I have cooked since I was 8, and it has always been a passion of mine.  So much that I spent the better part of my professional career in corporate restaurant management.  I got out of it several years back because I was tired of the hours, but my passion for cooking remains.

But alas, with the addition of our young son to the household, my days of spending extra time in the kitchen trying out a new gourmet recipe came to a shocking halt.  Since his birth almost that has turned into “run in there and throw something together as fast as possible”—and hopefully something that will make a lot of leftovers.

Well, recently, I had gotten the urge for some different stuff.  I can’t remember exactly how it happened, but I was sautéing some vegetables and I was trying to figure out a way to jazz them up a little.

I took one look into the pantry, saw quite a few flavors of baby food that my son was no longer interested in, and voila!

Tossed a jar or two in there and I had an instant vegetable stew.

Let me explain.  One small jar of baby food costs bout fifty cents or less.  I would not use this idea to create a sauce for three pounds of baked chicken or anything like that.  You could, but you might lose the savings, as that would get a little pricey.

Since my discovery, I have used it strictly on boiled, sautéed, or steamed veggies.  Just before serving.  I drop 1 or to jars of bay food over them, stir them in and almost immediately remove from heat.

The possibilities are endless, especially since there are about a million flavors of baby food.

So far, I tried a jar of Peas and Brown Rice over sautéed mushrooms and peppers (quite a unique taste).

I also did a sweet potato baby food mixed in sautéed streamed squash and zucchini.

Again, you can really try about any combination at all.  It turns any cooked veggie dish into a fast and easy vegetable stew.

One more quick secret—I even served this when entertaining friends a few nights ago.  Guess what?  They were dying for the recipe!!!

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Mary, I'll take it that you


I'll take it that you liked my post?

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Well, it certainly gave rise

Well, it certainly gave rise to some interesting conversation in this kitchen! m

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I was mostly referring to

I was mostly referring to the vegetable-based ones.

I mean, after all, its really just vegetable puree, isn't it?

I thought it might not taste too good at first either, but it really came out fairly good.

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Funny, funny. I like your

Funny, funny. I like your sense of humour!

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How about a smoked fish

How about a smoked fish puree with a dash of corn and a smidgen of kale!

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Now you're talkin'! I really

Now you're talkin'!

I really think that the possibilities are endless.

Of course, you do have to "spice" appropriately, as the baby foods are traditionally bland