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From the Prologue to ANARCHY - A LOVE STORY

"My mother used to tell people, Nobody throws a tantrum like Briana. When she doesn’t get her way, someone’s got to pay. We used to laugh about that. Not anymore. Maybe I do bend a little less than most. Maybe I’m just a sore loser. I’ll let you be the judge. I know this, though: there’s a force in this world intent on one thing — controlling free will. Its name I do not know, nor do I know from where it comes, but it’ll use anything in its arsenal to gain control of the soul — an emotion, a drug, a lover, a government. It’s methodical, taking one aspect of your will at a time. First to go is your indifference. Then the dominos fall. Down goes your sense of justice, your security, your mind, heart, and finally your dignity...until all that remains is your faltering will to live. Surrender your will…YOU LOSE.

~ Briana"