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One of the reasons the GTD (Getting Things Done) approach can be so empowering comes down to a simple, primal dynamic: When something is named, it is known; and when it is known, its hold on us is released. When things we have allowed into our inner or outer world are appropriately and accurately...
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Work-life balance is a hot topic. People often ask me questions about how to define the boundaries between business and personal commitments. Should I include the personal things with the business stuff on my "projects" lists? Should I have "reorganize the garden area" on the...
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Business Week has just published a feature article about David Allen and GTD, entitled Getting Serious About Getting Things Done. Earlier this summer, David Allen was contributing to the Business Week blog on time management. Check out David's cautionary tale about cool tech, how overload (email...
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If you are somewhat new to GTD and you are interested in implementing the principles in Getting Things Done, make sure that you actually get and use a magical little device called the inbox. If you've read the book or been to a seminar, you know that the first phase of successfully managing your...
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