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My segment on MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Show: 'Inside the mind of a killer'

Here's the video to my segment on MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Show today. They called it "Inside the mind of a killer."

We discussed Jared Lee Loughner and four categories of mass murderer, including what I learned covering Columbine, and other tragedies since then, such as Virginia Tech.

I hope the show was useful. 

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(I can't get the embed to work here, but it's up at my other blog.)

I was really happy with Dylan as host. We met during the commercial break before the segment, and it was immediately obvious how bright he is. And thoughtful, too. You get a sense of people in this business right away, and I could tell he was after insight, not drama or stunts.

He asked great questions, and guided me gently. I was nervous, of course, and also out of practice in speaking in short sound bites. He was kind of the perfect host.

And my personal thanks to everyone on the staff, who treated me so well: Jesse who set it up, Christine who did my make-up, Chris who mic'd me (I think), and I'm sorry, I forgot the name of you who did my hair. (Someone mistakenly called you Norbet or Norbert, and that is stuck in my head. Sorry.)

And you never know who's going to help. My driver Abdul was great, and turns out his son is bipolar and we had a great discussion about seeing the world through the eyes of someone who is delusional.

Abdul--I hope I spelled it right--you were the first person I bounced my ideas off out loud, and that was a perfect dry run for the show 40 minutes later. Thanks.



Also, my AOL News Opinion piece Don't Rush the Healing is now up.


I'm continuing to confer with the great psychiatrists, psychologists and investigators I've gotten to know about the case, and I'm working on pieces for other magazines and news orgs right now. More coming the next few days.