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Bagged Leafy Greens Kill Baby Animals
frogs are cute and don't carry e coli.

This week in my environmental blog, I've started blogging about all the ordinary things I run across as an environmental reporter that turn out to be bad for you, or bad for the planet. Like, salad.

How can salad be bad? Well, like just about everything, it depends on where it comes from. As I reported last spring in Sierra magazine, the big salad and spinach packagers have imposed some ridiculous regulations requiring farmers to remove all wildlife from their farms. They blame wildlife for e. coli -- although this week's riveting (and disgusting) New York Times article on e. coli in beef might give you a clue about a more likely culprit -- cattle. Less than one percent of wildlife carries e. coli, but up to fifty percent of cows do.

Read why that bag of salad greens in your fridge might have caused birds and frogs to be poisoned by clicking here. Check back to find out what else you're doing wrong.