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Military Grade Pornography

    Hornet nest appeared outside bedroom window overnight. Horrible droning. Unchanging intonation. The rent is under due. Large family moved in next door, opposite side of house as hornet nest. Immense blasting Television set. Mainstream porn stars, always clothed. Permanent erections beneath season’s hottest fashions. Rested and ready. Cut to secret plan to win the big cash prize. Begin by siphoning radiant sex energy from bedrooms of a second world nation best befitting crime drama idiom.
    I am Darby. I come from secret town without sex guilt to study local party scene. Record vast amusements with biological camera. Transcribe into medium of bodily stains. Map the town on foot with measured steps. Enumerate measurement units in Mothers of God. 99 Mothers of God on the wall. If one of those mothers should happen to fall: one unit of measurement between point A and B. 2.4 Mothers of God between Hornet nest and front door of new neighbor.
    They dream of machines; un-tiring wife, low-effort/high pay-out employment, personal thought drug dispenser, unlimited anytime minutes. Celebrate the winners! There is no graft. No envy for successful hoarders of valuable prizes. Hornet nest has doubled in size over previous week. No need to defend it out of charity. Sentiment of hornets shared by culture at large.
    ‘Unmentionable diseases cured at little to no cost to you.’ ‘Petty disputes resolved by professionals in bathing garments. Know the Law before it knows you.’ ‘Be yourself and the woman will desire you.’ Public notices announce common public affection from billboards.
    ‘Be alert! There are ways out. Your competitor will make a mistake. Catch him on the hip. Your effort will be recorded in the Catalogue of Easy Thoughts and celebrated by professionals.’
    I find these people blameless. They will systemically implode within 50,000 years.
    Hornet nest destroyed by a pack of experimenting adolescents.
    Maturation related data spike events permissible within limits.
    Excessive waste will become food to future species.
    Apartment module set to sublet self-destruct.
    Dis-invest in drug capital. Purchase train ticket.
    Maneuver evasion scent police.
    Invoke scientific amnesty.
    Jettison caffeine surplus.
    Format, data. Finalize. Save. Print.
    Post to social media site. Tagline: Military Grade Pornography