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At Peace
When I think of "peace", I often wonder what the word truly means. The understanding that it is what we percieve as the total absence of war or any type of conflict I think is a thought that mainly comes from those that live in "Free" countries. I can not help but wonder what...
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My birth certificate must be wrong. It says I am 50 and quickly approaching 51. That simply ca not be. I feel 18 sometimes and other times, I have'nt even seen my teens yet. Why do I say this? It is Halloween again. A time when children dress up and go door to door screaming "Trick or Treat...
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The creations of my inspirations.
I have been around the United States a time or two. I have been from Florida to Arizona. I picked up Texas and Oklahoma, along with New Mexico and back around to Arizona. Colorado and Nebraska were closely followed by Iowa and Illiniose and Indiana. South Dakota held me for awhile until North...
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Simply... Me.
 I think back to the first time I saw the Wizard of Oz and thinking "Wow, I wish I could go there!" Many years later, through life experiences, both good and bad, I realized I had been there, many times. Oz, an enchanted land where everything you could imagine was and things you never...
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