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Fast-paced enjoyable read
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L. de Vincent

After reading Darlene Quinn's last book, Sizzling Cold Case and enjoying it immensely, I was looking forward to her next book. I didn't have long to wait when Webs of Power recently became available.

I have to admit after reading the first few pages I was lulled into thinking this was a book about a corporate takeover, but I was wrong and continuously rewarded with unexpected plot twists. The book really shines when the action starts. Quinn has a way of drawing the reader in as the action heats up and the pages keep turning. You can tell Quinn knows her subject matter, and for those of us not well versed in the corporate world she has a brief history at the end of the book to educate the uninitiated.

It was a great summer read. I couldn't believe how quickly I sped through it to find out how my favored protagonist fared at the end of the story. You'll have to try it yourself, there are no spoilers here.