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Peggy Kuntzelman

I think the best advice I can give anyone considering "Unpredictable Webs" is to be ready to spend some time enjoying this book because it is really hard to put down once you have started it. The nice thing about it is that the chapters are short so you can get in "one more chapter" before you really must put it away. If you are like me though you will find yourself thinking about the characters even when you are not reading it, that is how much a part of your life they become.

I have read all of the Web Series and I while I enjoyed all of them, "Twisted Webs" was my favorite because as a mother it made me think twice about the way I would have reacted to the situations that occurred. So when I saw that "Unpredictable Webs" picked up a few years after "Twisted Webs" I was really looking forward to seeing how the characters lives had turned out. Darlene Quinn didn't not disappoint in writing another fast paced, thrilling, character driven novel. Once again I found myself wondering how I would have reacted faced with certain situations.

I also find the business side of the story line to be interesting since I still shop in department stores and in the past few years there have been a lot of changes that I didn't approve of. So to be able to see both sides of the story is educational and the way it fits into the story line is interesting instead of being cut and dried.

I highly recommend "Unpredictable Webs" and well as all the other books in the "Web Series".