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YellowFlowers "sam"

I absolutely loved reading this sequel to Webs of Power, but one doesn't have to read or even remember the details of the characters of the first book to appreciate Twisted Webs. The plot begins in the early nineties and follows the story of characters who are all tied to careers in the retail fashion industry. The main focus is on the abduction of a twin baby girl right after her birth and how it affects the lives of all of the related characters. This book has many subplots that allow the story to twist and turn through many unexpected endings. One advantage to reading this novel is that it is broken into very brief chapters: some as short as two pages! It is a great way to pick up a few pages here and there if you take the book on vacation, to appointments, or even to the beach. The story is well-written, the characters are believable and the read enjoyable. Darlene Quinn is remarkable as a writer!