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Darlene Arden Interview on The Animal Magnet
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  • Artist: Progressive Radio Network
  • Title: The Animal Magnet - Pet Radio - 4/3/08
  • Length: 46:56 minutes (8 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 22kHz 48Kbps (CBR)


The Animal Magnet - Pet Radio with Deborah Wolfe

Date: 4/3/08

Guest: Darlene Arden, Author of ‘Rover, Get Off Her Leg!’ & others

Show Topics: GMO foods, pesticides, frogs, spca news, plus guest on dog training and dog breeds

Deborah updates the audience on environmental, animal, wildlife and pet news. Conflicts between Australia and Japan, problems with eating meat transported across borders and cruelty involved plus what it means for the meat you eat and how its labeled. At half past Darlene Arden joins Deborah to talk about crotch sniffers, and piddle greeters and other naughty dogs and how these problems are explored with funny stories and easy to use tips in her book,’Rover, Get Off Her Leg! – Petiquette’