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So now I'm blogging. In two places. You'd think that would be enough new technology stuff but, no, I had to find out about something called Twitter. I heard a lot of mention of it but had no idea what it was. I did what for me was obvious. Well, obvious at 2 a.m. I typed twitter.com into my whatchamacallit (technical term) and up came the website. It's bright and blinding at 2 a.m. As close as I could figure out, it's a place where you write one or two pithy sentences about what you're doing and family and friends can "follow" you. It sounded a little like stalking.

The site invited me to sign up so I did. It was 2 a.m. Okay, maybe 2:05 a.m. by now. I posted. I looked for people I knew. I found a couple and clicked that I'd like to follow them. Suddenly, I had two unknown people following me with notes that sounded, well, suspicious. I immediately found the place on the site that would block everyone except those I would allow to follow me.

I posted an update, much like a Twitter thingy, to Facebook to say that I'm on Twitter. I quickly received a wall-to-wall post from a colleague, a humor writer. She would follow me and I could follow her. Or, actually, her cat. She had joined to help promote her newest book and "Lucy" is the one doing the twittering. Or, maybe they call it tweeting. I'm not sure yet. She said that Lucy is convinced that Twitter is some sort of bird-of-the-month club. For all I know, Lucy is right.

Maybe Dena is onto something. Maybe I should just turn the Twitter account over to my cat. Aimee probably has a lot to say. But at the moment she's napping. No doubt dreaming of The Great American Novel that she plans to write.

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I read about this Twitter, Darlene,

but don't understand the value of it. Could you please keep us oldies informed why we need to be constantly aware of one another's location, what we see, etc.? Isn't that dull? I don't get it. I'm sure it's got to be useful but just DON"T GET IT. Hope it's fun. So, should I sign up and find out by following you or your dog? Oh, no. My social life has devolved into following other people's dogs. Darlene, I am serious. What is the attraction of Twitter?

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The Twitter Question....

I have to admit, I was a bit Twitter-Shy myself. The micro-blogging phenomena is not something I wholeheartedly embrace. I'm actually one of those weird internet guys, who advocates taking a break from the web every now-and-then.

Recently, I've been wondering if a Twitter application would be useful for Red Room. For example, allowing blogs and events calendars to instantaneously feed to an authors Twitter network. There are a myriad of ways that web 2.0 tools can help an enterpising author. The trick is finding the ones that work best for you.

Thomas Dotson, Redroom.com

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An Interesting idea....

Facebook and LinkedIn have the same ability. It would be a quick way to let everyone know where/when we're doing a booksigning, on TV, on radio, signed a new book contract, etc.  

But does anyone care about anything or are we all just cluttering up the internet?  



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With Facebook

I get so many invites and info that I just tune out. And I think that's how my stuff is received also.

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I don't get it, either

I think it's just a form of self-expression. But I admire the  colleague who's using it to push an unpublished book.  

Actually, you'd have to follow my cat. I'm currently dogless.  OTOH, she's probably a lot more interesting than I.  I tend to say things like, "I have to go to the post office."  She'd probably tell you about the animals outside that she sees through her "kitty tv." (Translation: the sliding glass door - she's indoors only.) 

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To twit or not to twit.

Personally...twitters have been half my world, particularly when dating.

Twitless is almost as good because they aren't so obvious .

Twittling is to be avoided at all costs  as it makes you and your date look vaguely familiar...and you never ever want that, particulalry if he/she is wearing red.

Glad you cleared up twitter for me...I thought I was crazy.