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What's happening with the pet book marketplace?  Does anyone have any idea?  There are two upcoming conferences for pet writers and I have to wonder: WHY?!  What's the point? There is little enough work and little enough interest in publishing pet books.  Years ago I wanted to write a memoir.  The reaction was something akin to having suggested that I was planning to grow another head. So I set to work writing the stuff that would help pet owners, books in my area of expertise with small dogs, canine behavior, wellness and more. 

I turned around and suddenly there was "Marley and Me," and Jon Katz's books. How did that happen? Those were memoirs. And by people who weren't known for their expertise with dogs, weren't dog writers (yes there are organizations for dogs writers and cat writers and horse writers and more...) but there they were with best-sellers. 

Now there's no money for pet books on training, behavior, etc. but I have to wonder if the marketplace isn't flooded now with memoirs?

So, where do we go from here? Into another genre? Maybe. Some of my colleagues have begun writing  fiction. Personally, I'm  not good at making stuff up. I love to read it but I can't seem to write it. Go figure. And I'm still pondering those pet writing conferences with eidtors,no less! Is that just something else to tack onto their resumes? Another conference at which they've spoken and will talk to authors and would-be authors? Or is something else afoot? And does it tie in with the threatened new trend of no advance money for books?  Are we really expected to work without pay?  Aren't there laws against that?  I guess not. How are we supposed to live? Or aren't we?

I guess maybe my question should be: do you want fries with that? 

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Yup! Guess I do!

What, no Bravo, Oscar, November, EchoeS for us pups? You can't let sleeping dogs lie, Arlene. I can see you're a very nice lady surrounded by contented canines who wants to see us right. It's all down to that Cesar Millan taking over. (What does he mean: Zip! Sounds like he's trapped a bee in his pyjamas) I reckon it's time we hounded him out of town. Makes me hot under the collar! Where did he come from all of a sudden? The pawsity of cash for books on man's best friend makes me howl. In fact, when I first leapt to the keyboard to reply to your blog it looked more like a memo from Gordon Ramsay so Herself had to take over. She thinks you should still write your memoirs which would entertain all dog lovers whether they've got one or not.

Feeling dog-eared,




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Thank You

I truly appreciate your supportive message.

As for CM, he's practicing 25 year old training methodologies, which is like going to a doctor who's practicing 25 year old medical methodologies but he can apparently afford the big-bucks publicist which most of the well-known positive trainers and behavior consultants can't afford. Where did he come from? Well, I know he came from Mexico and I've been told that he came illegally. I don't know if he's now a citizen but he's here. There are some great training books on the market but they're getting lost thanks to CM and the hype. That's just the way it goes.

Perhaps I'll start on that memoir this week. I have nothing to lose... I appreciate your positive encouragement.



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...for misinforming Jack of your name!