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Road Trip

With all of the complaints about the price of gas, the number of people who are driving is, frankly, astonishing.

I made my annual trek from MA to PA this past weekend. I'm a Learning Facilitator in Kutztown University's Dog Training and Management Program. I started out doing this twice during the year but combined my classes into one exceptionally long day so I would only have to do the long drive once each year. Given the price of gas, that has turned into a "bonus."

I started out on Thursday instead of Friday because I promised my friend, Dr. Jill Richardson, that I would visit the offices of Zootoo.com. We taped some video for the site, I got to meet nearly everyone and we started a contest to choose America's Smartest Dog. (See my Events section for the link). I spent the night at Jill's apartment, spoiling and being spoiled by her adorable white cat, Miss. Kitty.

Friday morning my drive was only from NJ to PA which was certainly easier.

I spent Saturday teaching from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in what turned out to be the only room without air conditioning. I give the students credit for being so good about it and for maintaining their interest and enthusiasm throughout the long, hot day. Perhaps it's because they're adults that they truly appreciate the commitment that they've made to learning and they really love the topic. I stopped for dinner on the way back to the motel because I knew that I'd never be able to crawl out again once I got into my room.

I was finally at my room and the key wouldn't work. Back downstairs I went where I was informed that everyone was having that problem. I was darned close to whining at that point. I wanted to shower and crawl into bed with my laptop.

My 8 a.m. Sunday morning wake-up call arrived at 6:20 a.m. I knew the girl who took my call didn't sound bright but how hard could it be to set a wake-up call?!

I was on the road by 10:30 a.m. Nine long, hot hours later I was home. It was bumper-to-bumper all the way. Rte. 95 is always crowded so I thought I was being clever when I got off at Rte. 7 and headed for Danbury, CT where I knew I could pick up Rte. 84 which is never very crowded. I even found a Borders on Rte. 7, stopped to see if they had any of my books (no), left some bookmarks, signing some of them to put inside the books they promised to order. I bought a book, a cold drink and off I went.

I finally got to Rte. 84 which leads directly into the Massachusetts Turnpike (MassPike as we locals call it). Another bumper-to-bumper excursion.

This wasn't a holiday weekend. The price of gas is everyone's major complaint, yet there they were in vehicles of all shapes and sizes from gas guzzlers to Mini Coopers. Where were they going? Where had they been? Why were they all on the road this weekend?

Was there some Mass Exodus that no one bothered to mention to me?

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I think those Mini Coopers and others were also on book tour.


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Thanks for a much-needed laugh, Belle!  I'm still trying to recover from the drive.  My oil light went on and I actually bought and added a quart of oil all by myself.  Yes, for me this is a HUGE deal. Oh, and my air conditioner stopped working properly. If I hear the words "road trip" right now, I'll be sore tempted to spay or neuter whoever utters the dreaded phrase.  LOL

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After the bedbug bites I got

After the bedbug bites I got on my recent road trip (in my Mini Cooper), I'm ready to do some spaying and neutering myself.