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Greetings from New Mexico!

In case anyone has missed me, I'm in Albuquerque for ten days. I'm using a friend's computer, a p.c.  I don't do Windows. I miss my Mac but she doesn't have WIFI at home. And who would have thought that I would have learned THOSE words in this lifetime?!

Among other things I arrived to help my friend, Kari,  ship a foster cat to his owners in the U.K. If anyone wants to hear about that horror story thanks to the bureaucrats across the pond, just ask. I'm also here seeing if this might be *the* place where I might want to spend the rest of my life. I have other places to see, of course.

This has been the most amazing experience! I was booked to tape Good Day New Mexico on Monday. The segment will air in July and I will post a link just as soon as one is available. The segment went so well that they said they'd like me to be a regular every week to bring on adoptable pets. I was surprised by that blanket invitation. And flattered.

This morning I had to get up at 4 a.m. (oy!) to be at Channel 13 for an early morning news segment at 6:45 a.m. They asked me to bring a dog so I borrowed one of Kari's rescue Poodles. She was billed as Kate Winters.  <G>  Gotta love it!  It was a quick intro, drop-in shot of my book and they asked if I'd be willing to take questions. Fortunately, I can do that in my sleep and this came pretty darned close at that hour.  LOL  I was warned that people don't call all that much so we'd just have to wing it if there were no callers. In seconds the switchboard lit up and was jammed! Since it was the News show (seen throughout the State) we only had 4 minutes, a long time for that sort of segment, believe it or not! When Katie and I had finished (she sat on my lap like a little lady and never flinched during her first in-studio appearance) I was invited back. They'd like me to be a regular!  I was thrilled to get out good behavior information but to be invited back and told they'd like me on frequently, well, now I know how Sally Field felt at the Academy Awards when she blurted out, "You like me! You REALLY like me!"  <G>  The people at KRQE are so nice and I felt so much at home that I would gladly have moved into the studio!

I had the pleasure, less than 24 hours after arriving in New Mexico, of meeting with the head of the Albuquerque Shelters. She has turned them around and is a great example of what can be done when the right person is put in charge.  I intend to blog about that at my pet blog, PerPETually Speaking.

I'm planning to see more of the area and I promise at least one more update while I'm here. I can honestly say that very few places have felt as welcoming and have given me such a sense of peacefulness.

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Darlene, does Good Morning New Mexico....

put their stuff on YouTube? I'll watch it if they do.

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Morning News in New Mexico

I'll have a link to Monday's taped show which will air in July. I was on the early morning news today on KRQE and they said it should be posted to their website this afternoon. I plan to go hunting for it. <G>  Thanks for asking, Jennifer.

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This is wonderful!

Hey there!  I hope you enjoy every minute!  Have a great trip.  I hear you were fantastic this am on the TV.  Well done!  :)  It is so great to share positive info with communities and answer questions live.  I know they appreciated you!  I do!

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You heard about it in North Carolina?!  One of the behavior consultants in Colorado said that she saw me this morning. That station has some range, doesn't it?!

Thanks for your kind words. I was so glad to be able to get the word out on behavior modification and that you don't have to give up your pet, there is help!

I was fortunate enough to visit one of the Shelters here and I must blog about it!