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No, no, not the movie. Here. On Red Room. I'm on the Front Page! Wonder of wonders! And truly, I did wonder how authors were chosen to be on the Front Page. I finally decided that I'd never know.

Late last night I received an e-mail from Belle Yang (it wasn't late on the West Coast) telling me the amazing news! I surfed over. I didn't think Belle would joke about something like that. Sure enough, there it was, my photo and the link to the podcast I'd uploaded, the one I did with another Red Room author, Amy Shojai during which we talked about dogs. I say that because we could just as easily have talked about cats. There's nothing like being multi-cultural and loving all animals. :-)

Today I received a congratulatory e-mail from the Red Room's Huntington Sharp with the official announcement and he thanked me for uploading the interview.

I feel like the kid who got the brass ring.

Thanks, Red Room, for the pleasure of being your company and for the honor of being on the Front Page.

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congrats, Darlene! When I get the computer back up I'll take a listen!

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Thank You!

Thanks, Jennifer! I hope your computer is fixed soon. Not so you can listen; so you can write! Computers: can't live with them and can't live without them.....

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Thank You!

And thank you for the "heads up!" I'm absolutely blown away.

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don't worry, I'm still writing...

I've got my laptop. I disabled it so I can't get internet-when I'm writing fiction I can't get distracted. Non-fiction, it's okay to take a break, read a blog, then put on a podcast, etc. Don't ask me why. I think it's because I need to concentrate on the characters, when talking about me, hey, I can get distracted all I want!

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Well, That's a Relief!

You're so wise to get rid of the distraction. Sometimes I take my laptop to a nearby coffee shop because I refuse to pay for the WiFi connection and I can concentrate better in different surroundings when I find myself "stuck." A large cup of coffee helps, too. <G>

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You're on the Front Page

Well done, Darlene. I'm impressed. Thank you for letting me know about Red Room. I can see I will become a regular visitor. There is a wealth of talent within Red Room and I can now access some of it wherever I am and whenever I have the time.

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Hi Stuart!

It's lovely to see you here! What a treat! I'm off to New Mexico in the morning for ten days. I hope all is well on your side of the pond!

The Red Room is my "home" on the internet and I think you can probably see why I love it so much!