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I spent yesterday in Rhode Island at the WCFO International Freestyle Conference and today nursing a migraine. Tonight I want to write the blog that I had planned to write on August 1st. Somehow, time got away from me....

I want to congratulate all of the winners of the Red Room's Housewarming party! I want to thank Ivory, Huntington, Thomas and all of the Red Room staff for creating not just a fun competition but, more importantly, a wonderful community and for making me feel so much at home. I want to thank the Red Room authors and members for being the people they are (okay, except for the "pretend" one who was just discovered -- well, stuff happens and we move on.) and I celebrate with each of you as you move forward with each new book, article, celebration.

When I applied to join, I thought I'd be rejected. I never expected to be allowed to join such austere company and yet, here I am. And it is here I've made such wonderful new friends like Belle, Jennifer, Jessica, Ericka and so many more... I cannot tell you what having you in my life means to me even if we don't see each other except "virtually."

 I'm eagerly awaiting Ericka's blog of her evening as the winner of First Place. I want to know who is there, what they discuss, how much fun she has. I know that she will paint a wonderful word picture so we're all there with her, experiencing it vicariously.

I finished 5th out of what in the end came to over 1000 people. Wow. I can't believe I made it that far, especially in such great company! Thanks to everyone who surfed over to read my blogs. I know I should have blogged more often but one of the things I'm trying to learn is not to "should" on myself.  

Mainly, I am looking forward to reading more blogs, keeping my wonderful friends and meeting even more.

 Okay, Group Hug! 

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I, too, love

getting to know you and the good people you mentioned. Redroom is a good place to be.

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Group Hug Good!

It was a ride, yes?  And I am glad you were on it with me.


Jessica Barksdale Inclan www.jessicabarksdaleinclan.com

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It was definitely a ride!

And the best part is knowing you and Belle, Jennifer and Ericka. You have so enriched my life and I am very grateful...

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thanks Darlene

and I'm hugging you back!!

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Joining in the group

Joining in the group hug!!!!!