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The Phantom: The Ghost Who Facepalms

"When is a writer, not a writer?" 

When he's not writing. 

 Okay. Edward Nigma I'm not, but I have been away from my field and my blog  for far too long.  As I said in my last blog, I would rectify my long disapearance from my Red Room Blog.  Around November of last year, my little area was hit by a series of floods


By it's peak it  was about 10 feet of water and stayed around a week, where I was trapped on the porch unable to leave the house. I got some nice photos from my window of people in canoes sailing past. At the time of the storm, despite the chaos it was somewhat relaxing. Like visiting Venice without having to learn another language or sit on a plane for 14hrs. No phones, no internets, no nothing. Just peace, quiet and while reading by candlelight was a nice romantic concept in the early stages it quickly lost its luster as the weather turned increasingly cold and that "no lights, no phone, no internet" also translated to "no heat, no stove, no hot water in the shower." 

When the storm subsided, it had already done its damage. The old victorian house that my apartment resided in, was unable to deal with the deluge of water that plagued it for that week. So three rooms went without power, still no hot water, still no heat. 

All through November and December, I had no warmth whatsoever. My bedroom got to be about 8 degrees one night, and a call to the landlord JUST BEFORE CHRISTMAS EVE to ask him when the repairs would be done left me with a "I am not fixing anything until you are out of there. Find a new place to live or I will file eviction papers." 'Tis the season! ^_^; 

So, I was offered to stay in a lovely, albeit haunted house until I could find new suitable housing. Very nice place, very haunted. The owners of the building only come back a week in the summer and a week in the winter, and my family 'visits' the house on a regular basis to make sure everything was ok. So in trying to move in a very auspicious January, we were hit with the "Snow-pocalypse" Or "Snow-mageddon" or whatever the 24hr news networks were calling it at the time. 

 For the first time in Southern VA a "Blizzard" hit. Just as I was moving. 4 feet of snow and ice, and no one knew how to drive in such a mess so I was on my own lugging things on a handcart 3 blocks to my new temporary home. One day I will write about what it was like living in such a lovely place, so chock full of history, some of which still roamed the halls but it had its drawbacks. No internet connection at all so my blogging and general goofing off on the interwebs was cut to nothingness...

 I shall speed over to May when I moved to my new, current residence. A newer condo. Nice enough. For someone who was born and raised in old buildings getting used to "modern designs" takes some adjustment. The one thing I am having a terrible time adjusting to is the fact I have no windows. 


There is a small skylight in the living room, but there is not much natural light there. It is very disconcerting. When everything is off, it's pitch black in my bedroom. I look at the clock, see 12:00 and think it's midnight, unbeknownst to me it's noon.  So the constant shake-up of my living situation put me behind on a number of tasks. 

Now I have gotten most things done. The important things, books are unpacked (for the most part) toys are out on the shelves and now we start trying to get back into creative mode! So that's where I've been for the time being. There have been many adventures since then, a trip to Heroes Con with the lovely Julia and Ina for instance!

 All of which will be covered at some point! I am going to try to keep a weekly schedule, it is such a lofty honor to be a Red Room Author, I don't want to neglect my home here. So many wonderful, creative people all in one spot.