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The Journey of 1,000 Steps

So today starts my journey to regain what I lost, or rather tossed to the wayside for foolish reasons. My new column is live on Michael Davis World and can be seen here:


In it we talk about the cancelation of the DC Comic STATIC SHOCK and how its not a sign of a racist company but the reality of a market struggling to thrive in an uncertain economic world and in the face of an industry that shoots itself in the foot by limiting where the product can be found.

Later today I am expecting a phone call from an artist concerning a new project I am starting. I am looking forward to it, the artist is phenominal, I believe the project could be huge, and I can't wait to share it with everyone.

However, I have to admit I have a bit of trepedation. As I start researching the subject matter, and trying to get thoughts down on paper (or word processor to be closer to the truth) I find myself finding any excuse to put it off.

This is a self destructive habit I have to stop.

I need to release myself to the work and just get to it.

Right after I do the dishes... and walk the dog... and clean the house... and paint the cat..

No, no, I am doing it again.

So that's it then, a quick state of the me address. Hopefully next week when I promote my next column I will have more info on my super sekrit special project. :p