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Taking a part in history!

So I am on my way to the Inaugeration of President Barack Hussien Obama. And I am thrilled.

 I leave tonight, and will be spending all day on Inaugeration Day taking in the sights and sounds of a transition of power. I plan to get a good place for the swearing in, and hopefully share in some celebrations before I leave tomorrow night to return home and start working on several things. 

 Is anyone else going to Washington? Perhaps we can have a redroom meetup! 

 Upon my return home, I must start planning for an even bigger trip. To New York Comic-Con 2009! I have my hotel booked, and my travel being arranged when I get back.I am expecting big things to come from that trip.

 My writers block I had mentioned in an earlier blog is still a constant source of sorrows. I am always finding other things that need  doing that aren't writing. I am hopeful that I will have newfound inspiration during my journey. I am looking at it as a rebirth in more than one way. The country gets a new beginning so why can't I? 

 All the mistakes and false starts of previous years will be in the past and we start fresh with a new course and a brighter outlook! 

 Sounds good in theory at least. Lets see if I can put it into practice! Will be sharing pictures on my return!