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'Scuse me, pardon me, nothing to see here, but feel free to look anyways.

Hi all!

I am back again, oddly enough I log into my Red Room a couple times a day but I never have time to make a proper blog. I am trying ever so hard to get in the swing of things. I am actually setting up my RSS feed to try to get some cross-blog hits out there so if you see an odd code later in the post just ignore it. It's not a Nuclear Launch code or anything just a bit of hash to make the feed deliver from my  Red Room blog.

I have to admit I haven't been getting much of anything done lately. I have been at the servie of others and right now while I am waiting for my beloved distraction XBOX to update with the new NXE interface I am setting up feeds and blathering on about nothing when I could be writing an opus or two. Heck, I'll even take a Bill The Cat. (tossed something in there for Bloom County fans. *sigh* Why did you abandon us Berkley? Why?) 

I have had a mother of a time trying to get to various assignments. It's not so much "writers block" as it is self esteem issues. I get angry with a lot of ideas that I am coming up with. I have always been very careful with my work. Honestly that's why my output is low compared to others in my field. 

 I would rather have a few REALLY good projects floating about in the ether than be super rich off of stuff that makes me shudder. With the recent upswing in comics' popularity I feel I need to be just a even more on top of quality control than before. With the recent bombshell that President-Elect (and Red Room author) Barack Obama is a fan of Spider-man and Conan The Barbarian (or Cimmerian if you are a purist) and things like Iron Man and Dark Knight blowing people away at the box office, you want to put your best foot forward as we start to get a trickle of the mass audience we used to have.

I have been battling the old self esteem and self doubt over various ideas, as I wait for my lovely and talented editor Barbra Kesel to get herself situated after the holidays and I can get to work on Nocturne. FUN!

I am sure I will shake the cobwebs out eventually. It's tough this time of year, because my head is never in a good place. All this cold then hot, cold then hot stuff plays havok with my brainpan. Only by the will of the promise of shiny new technology am I still up with this terrible migraine... Here's to tomorrow. A hopeful better day for productivity and sinus pressure!




(still totally not a nuclear launch code)