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Giving thanks.

For Americans all over the world today is Thanksgiving, now I could be my usual snarky self and make some comments about some of the less wholesome aspects of the nature of this holiday, but I will be good because I do want to touch upon the basis, which is giving thanks.

I often wish to participate in these group blogs, but wind up missing the deadline by a wide margin as life intrudes as it often does making the best laid plans of mice and men rather moot. This time I do find myself with an abundance of time on my hands as my holiday is a bit preempted this year. Due to the fact my mom is working 2 jobs, and got neither one of them off for thanksgiving, we’re going to do the ‘family big meal thing’ on Tuesday when schedules are a little easier to manipulate.

So for me, today is just a regular Thursday, my “Thanksgiving” will be a few days later than everyone else’s but will mean just as much. Now the theme for today is “gratitude”,  and I have a unique look on the concept because today I am not going to talk of loved ones, because we’re all grateful for those folks in our lives that give it meaning.

Today I want to talk about being grateful for opportunity. Yes, its an abstract thought, but one I have thought about a lot. In my life I have had many opportunities, some of which have turned good, some bad, and others I really have no clue about just yet.

But even if they don’t go the way I hope, I am always happy to of had the chance, and the chance to learn from them see what I could of done to make it go the other way should I be presented with something similar down the line.

In my life I have lived abroad, I have traveled all over, I have met interesting people, and built a career out of something I love. Sometimes all those things can be hard, when you are young the idea of packing up everything you own and traveling hundreds and often times thousands of miles away to a place you don’t know away from your friends and your life can be one of the worst things to happen. All the while you are told:

“You will look back, and be glad you got this experience.”

In your youthful indifference you wonder why you’d ever be glad to be pulled from where you are safe and happy, to somewhere you are not so much. But as the years pass, and you find your way back to where you belong you look back and remember the good times, despite the fuss you made.  

I will admit there are some places I will never go back to live, but if my travels take me back to familiar settings, I might stroll through the streets with a nostalgic eye.

In career terms, my path may not have taken the exact direction I had hoped it would or the timeline I set for myself, but each success and snafu has caused me to be the person I am today, for good or ill. I believe after this evening I might be on my way to regaining what I thought I had lost.

Even the people that come in and out of your life, push you to the person you are meant to be. Sometimes people can leave, with that create a large hole in your life. It’s easy to focus on what they meant and how hard it is for them to be gone.  If you are lucky they reappear, but that’s not always the case. Life is too short to spend your time thinking about what you don’t have now, instead of drawing strength from what came before.

So today I have taken my quiet downtime, to reflect on the opportunities that have come into my life, and some of the ways I have missed the forest for the trees so to speak. Sitting at my writing desk, looking about my trophies of various adventures and a life either well-lived, or a youth misspent, whichever way you choose to look at it, I am grateful that I had the opportunity to do the things I have done, and meet the people I have.

It goes without question, that those still in my life mean more than I can ever express to them (or in some cases will allow me to)  but I am grateful for the stories I can tell, and the adventures left to be had. As we roll into a new year, its easy to get into doldrums and worry if your time for grand adventures is over, I often wonder how many more crazy situations can I find myself in, only to be shown the answer is usually “more than you really wanted”.

But that’s okay, even if things can get over-indulgent sometimes, I am glad to be able to see it through and live to adventure another day.
So thank you, folks that read my missives, and thank all those that put up with my antics on a regular/semi-regular basis. I love you all.

Here is to a bold new adventure, yet to be written.