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Dream Jobs... what are yours?

I have an open question for anyone who wishes to participate, be you comic book creator, fan, or novelist, etc... If you were to open your e-mail inbox one glorious morning and had an invite by (insert editor/publisher here) to do ANYTHING you wanted, it'd be green lit from the get-go. What would it be?

Now I have a few, and not just the people you THINK would be on my list... No, on the DC side of things, if I had carte blanche to do any character I wanted they choice would either be between Ragman or Zuriel. 

For those who don't know either, here's a refresher course. Ragman is a DC mystic hero from jewish legend. He is a character covered head to toe in tattered rags who finds those who have sinned and adds their souls to his patchwork of rags, he then uses their strength to do good, shifts any pain he has from battling evil to the souls in his costume as pennance, and once they've done enough to redeem themselves they get to move onto heaven.

A really awesome character no one pays much attention to outside of Shadowpact.

Zuriel was introduced during Grant Morrison's justice league run. He was the eagle host of heaven, he was a part of the guardian angels. As the human race was the last creature created by God, it would stand to reason that the Angels would be in the form of animal hosts. If God created man in his image could he have not based other species on earth in the guise of other heavenly bodies? 

Anyway, Zuriel gave up his immortality to be with a human he fell in love with while watching over her over the course of her life. Sadly it didn't quite work out as romantically as he had hoped (City of Angels it wasn't) and he's now stuck on earth until he dies and returns to heaven. Thankfully, some of his angelic buddies didn't let him leave the golden kingdom at 0% they let him keep his wings, his flaming sword, and his sonic scream. (I know, wtf? but that's what he has, lets not worry about it) So he uses his heaven sent gifts to fight evil and often times alongside the JLA.

Both characters are just awesome. And if done correct have so many stories that need to be told! Here's hoping Dan Didio takes pity on me one day.

On the Marvel side, I would have to totally scrap whats going on right now, and start from scratch. Spider-man is always one of my favorite characters, but Spider-man without Mary Jane is just boring. Generation X would be great to  bring back. It was one of the best freakin' books ever... while Scott Lobdell was working on it.

So what would you just be over the moon to do?



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I would love to live on my writing...

I know, I know, that's a good laugh!

Seriously, I would be happy making money writing and teaching. I don't see myself teaching in a college but maybe doing workshops in bookstores and over the internet.

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It's a hard road to hoe, I

It's a hard road to hoe, I will give you that but when you get that freedom it is a wonderful thing let me tell you. 

Keep plugging away, see if any local bookstores (mom & pop shops) might be interested in having you host a seminar or two.

Ghost writing also has it's wonderful benifits, such as annonimity if you are stuck working with some god awful thing, and cash to keep your mouth shut! :)

Writer At Large, Shameless Self-Promoter http://www.myspace.com/dannydonovan http://www.comicspace.com/dannydonovan http://www.dannydonovan.com http://www.unscrewedcomic.com

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Lady Luck!

I would love a chance to modernize Will Eisner's "Lady Luck". She was a crime fighting heroine from the 1940's who's real name was Brenda Banks, a wealthy heiress by day and crime fighter by night. I just think it would be great fun to take a character like that and bring her into the 21st century. I would make her origin a little darker, giver her a slight edge, but still try hard to keep her a bright-eyed optimist.

Of course my other wish would be to revive "Lilith" the daughter of Dracula in the Marvel's comics Universe.

Thomas Dotson, redroom.com

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I work in the same room with Thomas every day, and can verify that these two choices pretty much sum up his personality. :)

Huntington Sharp, Red Room

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Ha! Something to remember

Ha! Something to remember should I win this contest and get to come up and see everyone, I seem to be stuck outside the top ten dangit!

I wish I knew who was ahead of me so I could work around their mojo! 


Writer At Large, Shameless Self-Promoter http://www.myspace.com/dannydonovan http://www.comicspace.com/dannydonovan http://www.dannydonovan.com http://www.unscrewedcomic.com

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Good choices Thomas!  You

Good choices Thomas! 

You never know when you might get that chance to bring "Lilith" back with Ghost Rider now becoming more of a player in the Marvel U.

You should think about doing some public domain characters with a sharp new twist like James Ritchey is doing for Green Lama!



Writer At Large, Shameless Self-Promoter http://www.myspace.com/dannydonovan http://www.comicspace.com/dannydonovan http://www.dannydonovan.com http://www.unscrewedcomic.com

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Public Domain

Actually, I learned about Lady Luck while researching public domain comics. However, I think DC has picked up ownership of her again as she appeared in  recent series. DC bought up a bunch of public domain offerings from Fox Syndicate and Quality comics a few years ago. So now everyone's uncertain of what's in the public domain and what isn't. If you know of a good list anywhere let me know. 

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You kind of have to do some

You kind of have to do some heavy foot work when it comes to researching the public domain of a character. There is a chance you could still use Lady Luck, if your version is different enough from DC's. 

Much like Alan Moore's "Terra Firma" characters or Americas Best Comics characters. Tom Strong was basically the old Tom Strange character. 

Most of Nedor's old cast is fully PD like Black Terror, Fighting Yank, etc. 

I will get with my bud Jim Ritchey, and get some info on finding public domain things and maybe make it a new blog! 

I have 12 more people to knock out of the running. I need more content! :p

Writer At Large, Shameless Self-Promoter http://www.myspace.com/dannydonovan http://www.comicspace.com/dannydonovan http://www.dannydonovan.com http://www.unscrewedcomic.com

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Dream Jobs... what are yours?

Mine, mmmhhh, that´s an easy one. As an artist  I'd love to see my creator owned project get published somewhere in the world.

check my sutff at http://sentinelonline.blogspot.com



looking 4 a writer, more like a superhero writer anyone?

the earth's mightiest sentinel


 Earth's Mightiest Sentinel © 2006 Ignacio Martin Lázaro


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Dream Job....

Man honestly?  I don't know if it would be as much of a fantasia as what you previously described....but (this may be cliche) I was a hardcore fan of late 90's marvel (Operation: Zero Tolerance, Spider Man : I dentity Crisis, so on) and I saw some of the best artwork of that time (Carlos Pacheco on his X-Men run, Salvador Larocca on his Fantastic Four run, Roger Cruz and his artwork on X-Man) so if I could ever have an oppurtunity to run a storyline in X-Men with their awesome artwork behind it (Throw Todd Nauck in there too, because I sorely miss Young Justice) then that would be a dream come true.  I agree... Joe Queseda Should have been slapped when he said his priority as editor in cheif would be to bring Xmen to the forefront....he scrapped some good books in the process....and Gabriel Summers is kind of unstoppable right now...needless to say, YES, Much of this mayhem should be scrapped.  But if you have to work with what you got....then I say revise Gen X....and there could be more done with the Hellfire Club. Funny thing is, many mutant owned these big businesses (Frost International, Worthington Enterprises, etc.) yet The mansion is gone, and technology like The Xavier Protocols were still on file (isnt it 2008?)  Also, Shadow King has been runnin rampid since Psylocke has come back from the dead, haven't seen that adressed.  I don't know, Marvel is slowly going the way of a JLA spinoff the way these amazing plots of grandeur are poppin up everywhere.  What happened to the good old days when we had just one plot goin on for a good year, and not twenty? I mean it's hard for even me to keep up (thank God they're not doin the same with Astonishing).  Plots are getting apparent as well. I'll give DC credit...their comics have gotten rather 'Clever' as the years have gone on (Hush had me on the EDGE OF MY SEAT) but I could see Sinister taking over Xavier from a mile away, and that sucks.  I'd love to do a clever storyline with some old friends of the book, with some new consequences (the hell happened to rouge???)...that would be intruiging indeed.

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DREAM JOBS... WHAT is mine?

It would be Conan.... Only Conan.