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The Avengers of Baltimore Comic Con

Well, the convetion came and went. I only got to spend about a day and a half at the show but it was a lovely shot in the arm that I needed. I traveled up there with my lovely girlfriend, and our dear friends and their family.

My girlfriend is also a writer, looking to break into comics, and I thought this would be a lovely way to 'launch' her. Well I did, right into the exhibitor booths. Within the first hour we'd spent most everything we saved for the show and had a blast doing it.

Next time she will probably listen to me when I say "When we walk in, you're going to look around and say 'yes' and just proceed to try to put everything in your shopping bag." We met up with an artist/actor friend of mine who will be seen in this coming summer's blockbuster THE AVENGERS! He'll be playing a S.H.I.E.L.D intelligence officer.

Lots of fun and excitment was had as I looked around at all the creative people doing creative things. It wasn't until the DC Panel that I started getting excited about things again. I started hearing about stories I really wanted to read, and concepts that sent my mind reeling at the possibilities of the industry again. No more silly 'events' that mean nothing in the long run. Just honest good stories people have been trying to get greenlit for years.

So it looks like my artist friend and I will be teaming up with something I just need to dig through my file of stuff I came up with but was too afraid to do anything with to bother and send it out in hopes of restarting my career!

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I'm glad you got inspired.

I'm glad you got inspired. Yes, dive into that file of unsent ideas! You know what they say; "sought a sparrow, caught a goose." (i.e. one never knows what one will catch when a net is cast, but first it has to be cast, or else nothing will be caught at all!)