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A Year Older, And None The Wiser -
Think of a thought, any happy little thought....

So, last Monday (the 19th) I turned 30 years old.

 From what I gather this is one of those "milestone" birthdays. 16 you get your driver's license, 18 you're an "adult", 21 you can drink, and 30 you are officially 'old'. Not really part of the "MTV Generation" anymore. Well outside of the fact I was the original MTV Generation. When I was growing up it actually played *gasp* music videos. 

But I start looking back and seeing the things I've accomplished, and honestly there is a lot. Could be more. We all have our bouts of stretching too far for a golden ring and falling short. But this blog isn't about trumpeting my successes or moping about my failures. It's mostly just about the passage of time. 

My birthday itself was actually rather sweet. Makes me feel good that for whatever my lack of self-esteem or confidence or whathaveyou might make me feel, I seem to have made myself useful to folks in my time here. Went out to dinner with my family at a chinese restaurant I often frequent. Things were normal up until the end of the meal when the owner grabbed a drum from a display by the entrance and started banging on it, having the entire staff  sing happy birthday.  The whole restaurant applauded.

They brought out a small desert with a candle and one of the kind ladies told me a story of China and how in her villiage they used to have a soft boiled egg to on their birthday in order to have a soft life. So she went in the kitchen and made  me an egg, and continued with her story. Was a really wonderful experiance. That evening the comic shop I frequented had a party for the Scott Pilgrim final book. (which the forthcoming Michael Cerrea movie is based on) I actually won something for a change, and the owner gave me a second volume of Scott Pilgram seeing as how I bought the first one. 

The rest of the week was filled with friends and fun meals. And often wistful rememberances of times past. It is odd sometimes, it sometimes feels like only yesterday an event happened and when you look back it was in actuality almost 2 decades. Time is funny that way.  You'll hear a song, and remember a time, it's so vivid and so recent and then you see the copyright notice on the track. Or read the comments on YouTube after watching the videos. 

"Wow, I was 5 when this came out!" 

And then it hits you, you're getting older. Nowhere to go but onward, no retreat, no "backsies". You can visit your golden age in moments of nostalgic bliss, but eventually you have to keep moving forward. If you don't keep moving you die. But forward can be scary, its so much nicer to sit in the place we know, where everything makes sense. Looking out into that ever changing landscape of 'what may be' seems so daunting at times. But we must venture forth. Adventures exist in the unknown. I may be 12 at heart, but I know my path still lays before me. Still many miles I must walk before I sleep, no matter how tired I may get.

What lies on the other side of that ridge? Adventure.

Here's to another wild year of the unknown. 

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Lovely, sweet and thoughful

I love the tone of this letter to self. When I turned 30, my mother boiled me 1/2 dozen eggs and drew faces and hats on all of them. One had my Chinese name inscribed. The others spelled out Sheng ri kuai le--happy birthday. My 30th was 20 years ago. Danny, I know you help a lot of people and you are generous to a fault. You make the world a good place for your friends and strangers. That includes me.

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Thank you Belle! ^_^ You

Thank you Belle! ^_^

You know you are a friend, and a darn good one. And I have a hard time believing you are a day over 29. :)Are you from South China too? The lady said it was a southern chinese tradition. "I don't know about the north" I liked that little add on. I think she has lived in Virginia too long. haha. Has a "damn yankees" attitude that even extends to China. :p

You are an awesome, amazing woman, and I look forward to cracking open that book! ^_^

Writer At Large, Shameless Self-Promoter

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My mother is from

Taiwan (ancestors from South China).

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Ahh! ^_^ That's awesome! I

Ahh! ^_^ That's awesome! I learn new stuff all the time!

Writer At Large, Shameless Self-Promoter