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Yesterday's Dreams
Published by The Smoking Poet
There is much good to be found between the covers of Yesterday’s Dreams, from the rich Celtic myth to well-defined characters — a sympathetic protagonist and dark demons — to...
Sails and Sorcery
Published by Grasping For the Wind: book reviews, fantasy, and life's little jottings
A few other notable authors who I had not heard of before, but whose stories I enjoyed Renee Stern (Hostage), Chris Stout (a chilling tale called The Medusa), Danielle Ackley-...
Sails and Sorcery
Published by The Fantasy Review
If you enjoy any combination of short stories, nautical fantasy and new authors then I would suggest checking out this new anthology.
Sails and Sorcery
Published by The Fix, Short Fiction Reviews
In “Consigned to the Sea” by Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Sionna and her daughter, Kate, have been captured by North Sea pirates who want Sionna to show them a course to avoid...
Bad-Ass Faeries
Published by Wild Violet Vol VI, Issue 3 - Mortal Coil
The editors of Bad-Ass Faeries have collected stories about faeries much edgier than the sparkle-winged Tinkerbelles who dominate popular culture, returning the reader to an...
Bad-Ass Faeries
Published by The Huntress Reviews (cross posted on Amazon.co.uk)
So here are nineteen Faery tales which in no way resemble the cute little faeries of our childhood. Some stories are written better than others, but all of them have a serious...
Bad-Ass Faeries
Published by Small Press Reviews
If we were to randomly approach a person on the street, say a construction worker or a no-frills politician, and ask that individual what characteristics a faerie possesses, the...
Bad-Ass Faeries
Published by The Harrow: Original Works of Fantasy and Horror, Vol 10, No 7 (2007)
 Standout stories include Elaine Corvidae's "Hollow Dreams," in which Pook runs with a group of homeless kids, empowered but haunted by his halfbreed heritage; a similar...
Bad-Ass Faeries
Published by Tangent Online
"At The Crossroads" by Danielle Ackley-McPhail is one of the true gems in Bad-Ass Faeries. Lance is a half fae, half human motorcycle gang leader. His girlfriend,...
Bad-Ass Faeries
Published by Horror Reader
If the title brings to mind Tinkerbell with twice as much 'tude and heavy armaments, and you've got this anthology in a nutshell....Overall, I'd have to say this book offers some...
Published by The Best Reviews
YESTERDAY'S DREAMS takes the typical fantasy theme of good vs. evil, but places it in modern times with modern day dilemmas as opposed to the usual medieval fare. The setting and...
Published by The Best Reviews
YESTERDAY'S DREAMS is the first novel of Danielle Ackley- McPhail. It is a compelling fantasy, evocative of the author's Irish heritage. The fight between good and evil is always...