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Nyack, NY
Jun 2009

Of Daniel Wolff’s new book, “The Fight for Home: How (Parts of) New Orleans Came Back,” Kirkus writes, it “communicates the smells of decay, the depth of desperation, and the powerful frustrations of people who feel abandoned in their own land. [Wolff] resists editorializing and allows the stories of these blasted lives and sturdy souls to transmit his powerful message.” The book is a product of a documentary project Wolff has been doing with director Jonathan Demme that has also produced the film, “I’m Carolyn Parker.” As Tavis Smiley writes, “The Fight for Home” is a moving testimony to the courage and resilience of a great American city.” Wolff's other work includes "How Lincoln Learned to Read," "4th of July/Asbury Park: A History of the Promised Land," and Grammy nominated liner notes for "The Complete Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers" cd, among others.


Dave Marsh, Emily Dickinson, John Berger, George Herbert, Harry Crews.

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The Fight for Home: How (Parts of) New Orleans Came Back


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