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May 2011

Author, Poet, Musician, Conversationalist, and Spoken word artist: just a few titles to describe the creative mind of Daniel Mer. Currently an author of realistic quoatations; short stories in the tradition of John Updike with the descriptive edge of Emile Zola. While unknown to many readers in the literary world, some have heard Daniel Mer's ideas or music under the pseudonym Mobius the Shepherd who is a spoken word and underground hip-hop artist publishing online music content since 2006 and releasing an independent album known as Anamorphism in 2009. Prior to that, he had published his first album in 2006 as a contributing member of the music group Thought Process.  Much of Daniel Mer's musical material was based upon a collection of poetry that dealt with real life sociological and politics issues such as poverty and societal strife to relationships, friendship pitfalls and the struggles of success and economic struggles amidst the early 21st century technocracy. Some of these poems and writings are due to be published in a up and coming collections, as well as a short story collection as well.  There will be more contributions to the literary world from Daniel Mer no doubt about it.

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Daniel Mer enjoys spending time with his wife and son foremost. Daniel enjoys walking as well as playing music. Reading and writing are his hobbies as well.