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Life's thoughts on smiles

Single handedly we smile when we want to and feel like we need to. Collectively we smile not nearly as often as we should, considering eachother's plight. We all, at times, struggle with life, and when we struggle we so easily forget the thing... the number one thing that grounds us all. Selfish smiles can take us down functional avenue for a bit... the intention behind that smile defines just how far that avenue goes and how much juice we have in the tank.

I have always been a firm believer in smiles, possibly since the day I was born, but most likely since I began preaching them about 7 years ago. My overly portrayed concept of "life is all about the smiles" was told to many and truly accepted by few. I understand now why the concept failed at the peak of my ability to confer it to others. It falters with others unwilling to accept such an idea. The five dollars per month that I spent on the website "www.lifeisallaboutthesmiles.com" quickly found its demise right along with the demise of my own income. My inability to continue this website eventually led me to understand exactly why I was unable to portray this concept in words.

We all want to, and eventually do, understand things that we set out for... beyond that, we want to make others around us understand the same things. What I was missing was the fact that we cannot tell people what to do and fully understand with simple words. I wish it was that easy, but alas, it is not. We must be craftier and make others figure things out on their own. Only then will these concepts become part of themselves. People get told things all of the time and those things get filed away with all of the other facts that they are told, which might one day come in handy. If that same person gets led into a mind maze in which the end yields a piece of cheese and a new deep understanding of life that they find on thier own, then that will become part of who they are. Now, with information of all types available at the touch of a few fingertips, it is up to us to elaborate and figure out exactly how we can get people to contemplate certain beautiful things for themselves.

I will always believe in smiles, for a couple of very good reasons. First off, smiles breed more smiles. The more you smile, the more other people around you smile. The more other people around you smile, the more other people around them smile... and so on. Secondly, it is pretty much the only transferable human characteristic that people on this planet have in common. During my time in the Navy, I have been to 17 different countries and met many, many different types of individuals. Cultures and religions drive a serious, sometimes insurmountable wall between us all, but smiles can bridge the gap and prevent the fall. I have been to places, each of which were respectively domintated by one of the four main religions that currently encompass the earth and smiles are without question the one human trait that does not change regardless of the person, culture, environment or belief... we all somehow, for some reason laugh at the same things in pretty much the same way. Why is that? One simple answer, we're all here to figure out the same things about life... and those things have nothing, absolutely nothing to do with fighting, revenge or oppression, and everthing to do with positive human interaction.

Life, my friends, is all about the smiles...

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Thank you

As I read this I found myself nodding and agreeing with the points you made, and by the end I was smiling. Thank you.