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Family and the horse it rode in on

I'd like to start this post by discrediting anybody who discredits their family. If you are reading this and do not have good relations with your family, then I suggest you immediately figure out a way to resolve your issues and I forbid you from reading further.

I believe we are put here to learn the most from those we happen to spend the most time with. If issues arise and cause complications, then that means there is that much more to learn when those issues turn into understandings. Beyond that, the fastest way to self improvement is by connecting with those we think about the most. We think about them for a reason and that reason does not revolve around guilt or insecurities, nor does it include pushing opinions on others... it revolves around the reason we were born into the family and the life in which we currently find ourselves. Our selfish nature inhibits our ability to grasp what is just out of reach and our selfish desires complicates the situation even more. With the right words and effort, our co-existing predicament could make so much more sense than it currently does. We are all saddled up on our horse of life, but even the best rider's destination is meaningless when his starting point is a ghost town.