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Website updated

Just updated theFreedom Road Publishing website to reflect April's accomplishments. Tweaked the book cost calculator. Added more info for prospective authors, like a 100% satisfaction guaranteed page, and a cool page that shows how I designed a cover from a painting hanging on the wall of an author's living room.

May is looking good. My April project for the Rock Island Arsenal Welcome Club went very well. The book made a spot on a local talk show and I received the "best we've ever done" from a second client now. This is very cool.

I had a chat with my wife and I told her that some people gain success and forget how they got there. I asked her to remind me--should we gain that sort of success--that we got there by delivering 150% of what was expected. By always doing the best job we can do AND NOT the best job for the money we quoted.

I research my competition and I beat them on a lot of levels. What I don't have is a foot thick portfolio, so I price lower and work harder accordingly. Everyone wins. I gather the accolades and customers get a premium product at a lower than market price. The money will come.

Check out the website. I'm open to any comments for making it better. I am working on a more sophisticated calculator. One that can give a firm fixed price quote online. That would be cool to do!