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Patriotism, what exactly is it?

Patriotism: Supporting your Country ALL THE TIME; and, your government when it deserves it - MARK TWAIN.

This week I've had an opportunity to see pariotism in action.

On Wednesday, I attended the quarterly Safer Foundation Board meeting with roughly 20 other individuals. SAFER FOUNDATION works diligently to help young people not fall into a life path that will lead them into the legal system. Helps high school dropouts obtain their GED. And, helps those of us with felonies in the past find work to get us off of a subsistance lifestyle, living off government tax money to feed out children. 

On Thursday, I attended the bi-monthly meeting of Quad Cities Advocates for Offender Success (QCAOS). Here another 20 patriots meet to share hope and look for new solutions. Most of them work in non-profits, church organizations, and are managers of various city and county programs to help people with a large variety of issues. One young gentleman gave a presentation of his organization, the 180 Zone (http://www.the180zone.org). This group takes no government grant moneys, no moneys from the large charities, and is solely depentant upon churches and private citizens. As such, no one looks over their should telling them who they can help and who they must turn away. They have no quotas, no monthly reporting to "big bother" of a thousand faces, and they do more to help people in the Quad Cities with a better life than anyone else sitting at those tables. It was breathtaking to listen to this barely twenty-something young man, a criminal as a teenager and a felon forever, give a heartfelt, detailed, articulate talk about good deed after good deed this quiet organization performs daily. Halfway houses, meals, privately owned shelters for young homeless mothers, childrens homes for orphaned homeless children and that isn't even a forth of their good deeds.

On Friday, I attended the Davenport, Iowa weekly Friday Noon Optimist meeting. No need to explain that, other than to say it was another room of 30-40 patriots doing good deeds for America's youth as Optimist Clubs have done for decades all over America.

Not one of these people had to be where they were. Not one of these people received any money to be there either. No one was asking for money, although some did report on grants received and grants given out since the last meeting.

That's the partiotism that I admire. The silent Americans who everyday look to find a way to make someone else's life a little better asking nothing in return. 

Blessings to all!