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I Thought They Were Crazy

When Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman told me that they were supporting Barack Obama I thought they were crazy.

I didn't know anything about him, but I knew, from growing up in the Bay Area and writing fiction for a living, that I lived in a bubble, and that my progressive views would never be addressed by any candidate who could possibly be elected, because I was crazy and out of touch to have such views, and so this guy Barack Obama, who had a real shot at the presidency, was certainly not going to say anything I believed in, because I lived in a bubble, and that's why I'd never believed in a presidential candidate before, and they took me to meet him and hear him speak.

He seemed like a human being, which startled me, and the first few sentences of his speech were the expected generalities, and then he got specific and I started to cry. I started to cry because he was saying everything I thought I'd never hear from a presidential candidate, everything I wanted to hear, everything I believed, and I realized that I wasn't crazy, and neither were his supporters, and that the bubble I lived in was expanding, and that I was hearing a man who we the people needed as the next president.

And then I wrote a check.