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Halfway to the Stars
Published by Clarion/Foreword Reviews
Halfway to the Stars will thrill an audience seeking entertainment untouched by editorial censors. This is stand-up comedy at its literary best, with controversial pieces...
Halfway to the Stars
Published by Amazon.com
(from Amazon.com) By William Neville – October 14, 2013                    ...
Halfway to the Stars
Published by Amazon.com
the title of Daniel Curzon's new book might lead one to think it would be an innocuous collection of heartwarming tales that a tourist might choose for a vacation souvenir. Far...
Published by “The Big Book of In-Your-Face Gay Etiquette”
Daniel Curzon is a comic genius and he gives us a book that is a laugh a second. What is amazing is that we are laughing at ourselves and it is wonderful to do so. He has...
Published by Amazon.com
The most amazing and saddest thing about this really fine novel is that apparently few people know about it. That is a real tragedy since ONLY THE GOOD PARTS has everything going...
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Published by Amazon.com Customer Reviews
"Nothing is subtle. On the other hand, neither was Jonathan Swift in his classic GULLIVER'S TRAVELS. Mr. Curzon holds up the looking glass in order that we -- at least some of his...
Volume VI
Published by Orlando Sentinel
"Godot Arrives is the right kind of production for Fringe -- edgy and unusual, but it doesn't forget that good execution is important too."
Published by private letter from Herb Caen
"An excellent book."
Published by Christopher Isherwood, Robert Patrick, Doric Wilson, Quentin Crisp, Armistead Maupin, Herb Caen,Terr
        “Daniel Curzon is central and essential to the history of our community's culture.”                                                      — Doric Wilson, playwright...
Published by e-mail message
"Daniel Curzon is central and essential to the history of our community's culture." -- Doric Wilson
Published by Torso Magazine
"Love him or hate him, Curzon has always been a provocateur, a curmudgeon, and above all a true independent, calling it as he sees it without fear or favour.  . . . a wicked...

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