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Daniel Curzon is the author of the first gay protest novel, SOMETHING YOU DO IN THE DARK (Putnam, 1971), and many other novels. His GODOT ARRIVES won the 1999 National New Play Contest.



SAVING “WACKO” JANE AUSTEN  (a novel in e-mails) (457 pages)

Jane Austen did not die in 1817. Miraculously her head was preserved at a Cryonics facility in Switzerland. Now it has been discovered, happily, and Miss Austen revived. She has just moved back to England and begun a new novel. Can she finish it despite her tranquility, her civility, and even her very life being threatened by forces around her in her rented house? These include Hans-Axl, the neo-Nazi Swiss ‘care-giver,’ the Muslim fundamentalists next door, an AIDS scare, the unrelenting paparazzi looking for scandal, and much more. Will modernity do Jane in? Will she be helped or hindered by a “gay jihad”? Will she succumb to the temptation of a very bad marriage? Does she have some skeletons in her own closet? All she has to assist her are a lesbian amanuensis and a male 90-year-year-old American rare book dealer.

           Miss Austen wants very much to tell her story   – to literary agents, mainstream editors, and anyone else of taste and interest in this grotesque -- but decidedly comic -- novel.
           (Daniel Curzon is acting as Miss Austen’s devoted go-between.)

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My dearest Mr Curzon, Should

My dearest Mr Curzon,

Should you be prepared to battle the vapid languor of literary titillations (sp)... then you sir, shall be my emissary. I should expect nothing less than such an illustrious hook from your quarters.

As one may see plainly, Mr Darcy has abandoned me for Mr Bingley! Letters of condolence may be posted in Mayfair to my attention. Email is discouraged... thin shiny aluminum volumes are but a brief encounter with my future.

Sleep well Mr Curzon, my fame lies within your congenial disposition.

~Jane A.

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DANIEL CURZON Jane Austen tells me that people always want a piece of her.

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Response from Jane Austen's cat Brutus

Yoo shood see da peecez... dey iz evfuurywhere... like lint.