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free speech

I am constantly struck by the contradictory thinking about free speech in the USA. We have it, we cherish it, and yet you are often punished for using it. I don't understand why Rick Sanchez, for example, can be fired for saving something he believes. He did not even say the offensive things on his own program. I do understand, of course, because what is acceptable and what is not changes, depending on various factors, political correctness, fashion, and so forth. I brought a lawsuit in 1999 against a website that purported to allow students to "review" their teachers. The trouble with it was that anybody could review on it, and did, allowing teachers to be cyber-bullied, especially if they were gay, like me ( "I seen him rape my four-year old brother")as well as blackmailed and bribed into giving grades that  possibly actual students of the reviewed teachers did not deserve. The ACLU chose to defend cyber-bullying, homophobic hate speech, lies, blackmail, and bribery in the name of "free speech." Accusations of crimes, vicious lies ("Miss So and So likes it doggy style!"), distortions, false representations of oneself, and detestable LIBEL have never been allowed by the concept of "free speech," nor should they be. Now, ten years later, we are all in a flutter about cyber-bullying. Well, where was the fucking ACLU when it mattered? They had their heads up their ass, and no teacher should ever support them or give them a penny.