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You're Only As Lucky As You Feel

I have always considered myself to be an unusually lucky person.  I have never won a lottery.   No Vegas jackpots either.  My luck hasn't been the sweepstakes kind.  My luck consists of a series of small blessings that, in the end, add up to a very blessed life.  Allow me to share with you an example.

A number of years ago I was Christmas shopping for my wife (well, at the time my girlfriend).  Each year she very carefully, and very thoroughly, prepares a list of gifts she would like from Santa Claus.  This particular year, among the sundry other items on her list, was a poster sized photograph taken by Jean Guichard of a lighthouse being engulfed by an enormous wave.  It's a fairly well known photo, maybe you've seen it.  Anyway, on this particular trip I was shopping with my mother who also had some shopping to do, and hey, it never hurts to have a woman's opinion on gifts.  As we were walking towards Deck the Walls, I was explaining what I was looking for.  "It's a picture of a lighthouse in the middle of the ocean with a man standing on a catwalk outside the front door while an enormous wave crashes against the back..."  Before I could even finish my sentence,there on display right in the front of the store was the very poster I was describing.  "And it looks just like this!" 

Like I said, it's a well known photograph, so it wouldn't be all that unusual for a store that specializes in wall art to have a copy on display.  But,at that moment in time I felt that the universe had aligned itself in such a way as to accommodate my simplest wish.  I could list any number of examples like this but I won't, lest you, the reader, grow envious of my good fortune.  And that is just the kind of luck that I most appreciate.  Those little things that make life that much more enjoyable.  The simple things.  The little things. Everyone experiences them, but the key is being able to recognize them for what they actually are.   

You've probably heard the phrase "I'll make my own luck."  It's sort of a cliché, but it's true.  I'm not religious.  I don't pray to an invisible man in the sky to intervene on my behalf in life's most trying or even the most mundane circumstances.  I simply surrender to the whims of the universe and accept the outcome.  And I find that more often than not, this leads me to a happier, more grateful existence.  Sure, sometimes things don't go my way, but when looking at the big picture who's to say that those early setbacks aren't actually the subtle precursors of  blessings to come.