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Cover by Clifton Carter.
Cop - A Novel
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Daniel gives an overview of the book:

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Note from the author coming soon...

About Daniel

It's not that I am - or have ever been - anywhere near smart enough to have some sort of grand design in my creative life. I didn't pay much attention in school, choosing instead to bury my face in books and comics of my own fancy. But, at some point in my early to mid teen...

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Silver, who counts Fight Club's Chuck Palahniuk as a muse, imbues his prose with a cynical swagger, a smattering of profanity, and irreverence toward the status quo. One humorous passage includes academy...


I've read a lot of gritty, stunningly realistic first-person narratives of the seamy, seedy side of urban life, and even lived some. Usually, if the material is great, I lower the bar a bit with regard to...