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Feb.10.2010 - 2:28 pm
Janice Joplin* said it best: Freedom's just another word forNothing left to loseNothing ain't worth nothingBut it's free! Janice died not long after recording it of an overdose of...
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Jan.27.2010 - 10:15 am
Why read or write a book that doesn't? The little library in my town is trying to sell excess books that have been donated. As I browsed through the stacks of Clive Cussler and...
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Jan.15.2010 - 1:14 pm
... should be crowned poet laureate of America. Who actually listens to the lyrics of songs anymore? On the few occasions when I hear current popular music, I can't begin to...
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Dec.31.2009 - 6:37 pm
It's enshrined in the Declaration of Independence! It must be a good thing. And yet ..... When he wrote that we had a right to pursue happiness, but not to catch it, Thomas...
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Comments from Dan

Jan.16.2010 - 10:29 am
In response to: Paul Simon
I dunno. Being my dad doesn't actually sound that bad to me. And today's lyrics do sound bad. Speaking of God, however...