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So, after writing my blogs this week, I got a chance to practice.

Someone in my department messed up and had to leave.

My boss and I both liked this person, and so we were temporarily discouraged. We were imagining all this bad stuff that was going to happen to them because they were jobless. By the grace of God, I began to pray for this person in my heart. I saw them, with their hands uplifted to the Lord in praise, joy sparkling in their eyes. I knew I had to turn the verbal and faith train around. I thought of David, and how he had to encourage himself. How he reminded himself of the things God had done. How David considered who God was as he went to face big ole Goliath. I said, You know what? No, the devil will not have this person. I just saw them with their hands lifted to the Lord, in love and joyful. God has a plan for their life, and nothing they do can mess that up. Ishmaels may be born, but Isaac will come to pass. My feelings may be hurt, my heart may be broken, but I will continue to speak life over this person, regardless of what I see or how I feel. I have been praying for them, and it's already done. The promise of God will be fulfilled. I had to remind myself of what God had done with me, as messed up as I was, and still am. How His big, loving hand reached down into the pit that was and sometimes is my life, and scooped me up. Thank you, Jesus! No matter what, I will lift my eyes to the hills. I will worship. It's who I am. God's banner over me is love.

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The Promise

Hi Damola, I was reading your blog posts and enjoyed your compassionate words.  All things are possible for sure, if we can just have the faith of a mustard seed.  As you know, we cannot do this on our own, just as we cannot save ourselves.  Your article made me think of one of excerpts in my blog article "The Promise":  "Our creator has always kept his promises since the beginning of time.  He placed a rainbow in the sky to remind us of his eternal promise and commitment. Being that everything operates by his spirit law, likewise promises in the spirit are always kept.  This is why, that in the midst of all this chaos in the world, I am truly happy to be alive.   I am thankful to be a mother, a sister, a friend, and a confidant to others, all while traveling through this life.  I may not be able to keep all of the promises that I make to myself, or sometimes to others.  But, I do know that as long as the clock keep ticking, I pray that my heart be consciously desirous of the spiritual promise for my soul, which is to be focused on the those things that are true, embracing the vision, savoring hope, appreciating the moment, and look forward with anticipation to a new day in the Spirit, where promises, love, peace and joy is everlasting". Let's keep in touch.  I would love to read more of your blogs.  I can be reached via email at: writingrealities@yahoo.com, and by website at: www.writingrealities.weebly.com.  I would also love to hear your comments.