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Nary a sail in sight.

As I walked the harbour in Halifax I came across the following. Reportedly the largest and fastest sailing craft on earth. It is impressive from a distance and doubly so close up.




HNoMS Statsraad Lehmkuhl, a 95 years old barque, with fifty sails, three masts, and a solid old fashioned rig – system meets this challenge. A three months cruise in the North sea and the Atlantic ocean in the storm – season marks a significant starting point for the cadet’s leadership training. The old lady does not carry advanced computer technology, electric engines or hydraulic systems that reduce the role of humans merely into computer operators. The sailing ship demands human cooperation at its best, to overcome and work with the rough weathers at sea. The ship and the nature immediately give feedback on poor leadership and cooperation.



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Wow Dale this must have been

Wow Dale this must have been an exciting day. I have been to Halifax and was considering living there. Seems you were write what you posted on twitter. [smile] Hey have you ever met Faley Mowat? He lives part time in the town I grew up in Port Hope Ontario. I used to walk past his early house on John Street as kids and were scared of the stuffed owl in the window. Then he moved to King Street where he currently resides. What a lucky guy I have been, but not lucky enouhg to have met you Dale, but soon.