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The Pope should next quote The Elephant.

Well - OK - I'm not sure what it means, but it happend in Prague yesterday and - what can I say - "Good on ya, Benedict XVI."



Czech trip was low-key, but pope is 'very happy'

By WILLIAM J. KOLE (AP) – 19 hours ago

PRAGUE — Pope Benedict XVI wrapped up a low-key pilgrimage to the fiercely secular Czech Republic on Monday, reaching out to nonbelievers and calling on an increasingly diverse Europe to embrace Christian teachings.

Throughout the three-day visit, the crowds were contained, and so was the pope's rhetoric.

Although he often wades into contentious issues such as abortion or same-sex marriage, this time a conciliatory Benedict — apparently unwilling to antagonize already apathetic Czechs — made no direct mention of either.

. . . And in his farewell before returning to Rome, Benedict quoted the great Czech writer Franz Kafka — "anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old" — and encouraged people to see beauty in God's creation and truth." . . .