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UK Kids Use More Laptops To Read eBooks

The salient point here, in my ever humble opinion, is that kids in the UK are still reading books. I like books to be *real* (you know - solid entities which stand alone and are constructed of paper products) BUT - I much rather that children are still reading them. No matter the source.


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More UK Children Under 10 Read eBooks On Laptops & PCs

By Dianna Dilwort

More children under the age of ten in the UK are reading eBooks on laptops, according to a new report from Bowker Market Research. However, more kids aged eleven to fifteen are reading eBooks on Kindles.

We’ve embedded a Bowker chart above–the research (completed in March 2012) asked readers in the UK about their use of digital content.

Check it out: “The latest results from Understanding the Digital Consumer show that among adult readers of e-books there has been a huge increase in the use of the Kindle device, with 40 percent of e-readers using it most often.  The Kindle has surpassed both desktops and laptops (collectively used most often by 45 percent as measured in February 2011) and other e-readers (used most often by 6% in February 2011).”