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Seven pages removed. Humour talk and some games with Louie-the-dog. It was fun. Lightened the mood. Killed the plot.

I am now folding the remnants of the previous chapter into the current one. While excising much of it. Broken eggs.

 *sob* I had an intricate description of an aircraft hanger masking the entrance to the NATO Complex. Out it comes

I'm leaving the business with Louie-the-dog. He's got NATO's security protocals all screwed up. Good for him. Woof!

Taking out the weaker dialogue makes more of the dialogue appear weaker. *sigh*

A number of lively conversations with witty dialogue get cut. Fun to do but not a benefit to the novel. *sigh*

"He leans over to whisper into her ear." Well - where else is he going to whisper. Description which needs not be.

A whole lot of 'splainin' is being done concerning the intricacies of the plot. I have to cut it and make it flow.

I have the irritating habit (after 25 times it's irritating) of starting dialogue with "And". And out they come.

I read recently about the curse of "ing", and I'm finding it. "... is gazing at the screen"/"...gazes at the... "